Manufacturer: ZETSAW
SKU: BHT34240
This Dozuki is the ideal stiff backed, dedicated, crosscut saw. With a blade thickness of only 0.3mm and tooth pitch of 1mm, it cuts smoothly and with great ease. The wider than normal blade gives it a 60mm depth of cut. As part of the manufacturing process, the blade undergoes a particular type of nickel plating. This protects it from corrosion and resin build-up helping maintain the almost effortless action. An extra benefit is the highly reflective quality of the plating. By observing, the reflection of the timber on the side of the blade and keeping the reflection aligned and level with the actual timber, the cut will automatically be vertical. If cutting at 45° to an edge, align the saw so that the edge appears to form a right angle with its own reflection. It is surprising just how accurate this method can be.
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Key Features

  • Stiff backed fine toothed crosscut saw
  • Fast and effortless, cuts smoothly and with great ease
  • Cuts on the pull stroke, leaves exceptionally clean finish
  • Deep blade offers 60mm depth of cut
  • Nickel plated for corrosion protection
  • Rattan wrapped paulownia wood handle


  •  Blade Thickness 0.30 mm
  • Kerf 0.50 mm
  • Length of Blade 240 mm
  • Overall Length 560 mm
  • Tooth Pitch \ tpi 1.00 mm \ 25 tpi Crosscut
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