Manufacturer: TOOLMATE PRO
The Toolmate Pro TMPAFB15 Air Filter is intended for the average home workshop, especially where hand sanding takes place. The air passes through the electrostatic pre-filter into the main pleated filter, filtering 98% of all particles 5 microns in size and 86% of all particles 1 micron in size.
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The remote control unit has 3 settings for the motor speed and 3 different time settings of 1 hours, 2 hours and 4 hours, which can be used to clear the workshop after work has finished for the day. An optional charcoal filter is available, which will neutralise odours and harmful organic fumes or particles including pollen.

Another optional accessory is a handy ceiling mounting kit consisting of 4 lengths of flexible stainless steel wire with screw eyes and bolt up crimps allows the machine to be positioned out of the way.

Supplied with an electrostatic pre-filter, main filter and 4 mounting eyes. It needs a secure mounting capable of holding a 25kg static load, at least 2m off the ground. The machine runs reasonably quietly with noise levels of speed 1: 61dB, speed 2: 62dB, and speed 3: 64dB.


Inner filter: 1 micro
Air flow:H =450CFM, M = 400CFM, L = 350CFM
Noise:H = 64dB(A), M = 62dB(A), L = 61dB(A)
Overall size: 515x431x312mm
Net/gross weight: 18/20kg
Packing size: 570x491x320mm
Units per 20-foot container: 320pcs

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