SOLV-TINTS are organic solvent-based stain additives consisting of high quality transparent iron oxides pigments. Ideal for tinting solvent-borne wood coating/finishing products such as “SATINWOOD 28/28 BASE”, “SATINWOOD GLOSS”, “KHUNI SEALER” and “ULTRACARE GOLD” to various shades of brown: Mahogany, Oregon, Golden Brown, Teak, Oak, Dark Oak and. Walnut. SOLV-TINTS provide non-leachable, UV resistant and long lasting colours that do not hide the wood grain. Excellent UV protection is also afforded when added to clear wood coating/finishing systems. Can therefore be used for interior and exterior applications.


UltraCare Gold is a penetrating water repellent sealer that has been specially formulated to protect outdoor timbers against the harsh South African climatic conditions. It contains an unique blend of high quality drying oils, resins and water repellent wax components as well as high performance UV absorbers and light stabilizers. These ingredients are dissolved in a formulated solvent carrier to deeply penetrate, nourish and stabilize the wood and ensure exceptional protection against water uptake and UV degradation caused by sunlight exposure. It dries to a clear sheen finish that enhances the natural colour and beauty of the wood. UltraCare Gold also contains insecticidal and fungicidal additives that provide added protection against wood borer and termite attack as well as mould growth and fungal discolouration, respectively. UltraCare Gold can also be used as a clear finish on “Stain” penetrating wood colouring stains or can be tinted to various shades of brown: Mahogany, Oregon, Teak, Oak, Dark Oak, Golden Brown and Walnut. (Only use Timberlife “Solv- Tints” that contain high quality, colour fast UV resistant transparent iron oxide pigments). Ideal for use on wooden window and door frames, doors, balustrades, etc. where a high sheen finish is preferred. Not recommended for use on high traffic areas such as wooden decks and floors.