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JET Oscillating Drum Sander 2244

The 22-44OSC Drum Sander has an exclusive oscillating feature, with the push of a button the 22-44OSC sander can be operated as a simple sander or as an oscillating sander. When operating as a linear sander, the sander drum rotates as the conveyor feeds the workpiece through. When in the oscillating mode, in addition to the linear sanding operation, the sanding drum head oscillates from left to right and lowers heat build-up on the sanding belt to reduce loading and burning. Additional features include a built-in cabinet door for easy access to storage, patented conveyor TRACKERS™ that reduce the need for manual belt adjustments and our SandSmart™ infinitely variable-feed control that produces the ultimate finish to your woodworking project. Oscillating feature reduces heat build-up on sanding belt to reduce loading and burning SandSmart™ infinitely variable-feed control produces the ultimate finish at a rate of up to 10 feet per minute Conveyor belt TRACKERS™ dramatically reduce the need for manual belt adjustments Sealed and permanently lubricated drum ball bearings for longer life 1" of oscillating stroke Precision-flattened reinforced steel conveyor bed and no-give power feed belt provide a constant smooth sanding action for better results Adjustable drum height and downward pressure feature virtually eliminates snipe Large cast-iron handwheel adjusts the height at 1/16" per turn for precise sanding thickness control Abrasive take-up fasteners make changing abrasives quick and easy The magnetic switch is front mounted for operator's convenience One feed and one drive motor for superior sanding control Continuous-duty, 1-3/4HP motor is designed for heavier use for longer periods of time.
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JET Drum Sander 22-44 Plus

Jet 22-44 Plus is a drum grinder with automatic feeding of the workpiece with a conveyor belt. The main purpose is grinding and calibrating wood products. The rigid design with cast-iron base and bracket bracket provides high accuracy and repeatability, which is especially important in a production line. Since the shaft is fixed on one side, it is possible to grind the wide parts in two passes with a turn. When working with long billets, it is desirable to set the extension of the loading and unloading table (art.982202). All the necessary settings are provided: drum mounting heights (flywheel above) and feed rate (smooth with electronics). The alignment of the conveyor belt is made with special screws and is usually only required after replacement. The main consumable material is an abrasive belt 75 mm wide, it is wound on a drum, the ends are fixed in clamps. As options, an open stand for the machine or a closed pedestal with a transport facilitating device (with wheels and brake) is available. Another mandatory addition should be a highly efficient extraction system, which not only improves working conditions, but also significantly increases the life of the abrasive and the quality of grinding. A wide range of abrasive materials is presented in the catalog.
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JET Oscillating Spindle Sander JBOS-5

Jet JBOS-5 is a compact professional machine for high-quality and fast grinding of curved and radius edges. The spindle with the abrasive sleeve makes an oscillatory rotational movement, that is not only around its axis, but also a vertical stroke up and down 25 mm. This allows more efficient use of abrasive material, improves productivity and grinding quality. A powerful asynchronous motor is designed for continuous operation, a massive body on rubber supports and a heavy cast iron table absorb vibration well. There is a mechanism for tilting the table up to an angle of 45 ° to grind it at an angle. The machine is supplied complete with a set of replaceable bushings intended for installation of sleeves of different diameters. Depending on it, and the insert changes into the table, when working with a slope, mount the insert with an oval hole. FEATURES: Rotational-vibrational motion of a grinding bushing Removable grinding spindles with replaceable abrasive sleeves Adjusting the tilt of the desktop Working table made of cast iron
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JET Sander JSG-96 Belt & Disc

Jet JSG-96 - a compact and powerful professional machine that allows you to perform a wide range of grinding tasks in production workshops and carpentry. The plate-grinding unit consists of an aluminum disk with fastening of abrasive sheets on "Velcro" and a cast-iron working table. In its surface there are two perpendicular T-shaped grooves for working with a corner stop or a device for grinding in a circle. The table has a mechanism for fine-tuning the angle of inclination with the transport scale. The belt-grinding unit provides a fast material removal and is convenient when working with long workpieces. For easy slip of the tape and minimization of heating from friction, a replaceable graphite substrate is used. The entire assembly can be positioned vertically, horizontally or at any intermediate angle. Synchronously with the knot, the table-stop is also tilted; To install it at an angle to the plane of the belt, use a separate tilt adjustment mechanism. Both grinding units are connected to a 100 mm exhaust nozzle, which provides an effective dust separator. FEATURES: The case of a grinding part from aluminum molding A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove Belleville grinding unit Device for grinding in a circle Fastening of abrasive wheels on Velcro Working table made of cast iron Adjusting the angle of the table Two perpendicular T-shaped grooves for fitting the stop Belt-grinding unit Working table made of cast iron Adjusting the angle of installation of the belt-grinding unit Adjusting the angle of the table T-slot for mounting the stop Lever of rapid tension and loosening of the grinding belt Graphite backing of grinding belt
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JET Edge Sander OES-80OCS

Oscillating feature reduces heat build-up on sanding belt to reduce loading and burning which increases belt life Quick release lever and tracking control dial are conveniently located for replacing and tracking belts Belt platen is made from precision-ground steel plate for strength and durability Graphite covered platen runs cooler increasing machine and belt life Cast iron table moves up or down to provide exact workpiece positioning 4" dust port hooks up to your dust collection system for efficient dust removal Adjustable outer drum support table enables contour sanding Tilting sanding head for sanding bevels, angles and flat surfaces STYLE (TYPE) FLOOR SANDING BELT SIZE (L X W) (IN) 89 X 6 MAIN TABLE SIZE (LXW) (IN.) 29-3/4 X 9-7/8 MAIN TABLE TILT (DEG.) 90 DUST PORT OUTSIDE DIAMETER (IN.) 4 MOTOR POWER (HP) 1-1/2 MOTOR PHASE 1 MOTOR VOLTAGE (V) 115 PREWIRED VOLTAGE (V) 115
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JET Drum Sander 16-32with Stand

JWDS-1632-M is a modern model of a drum grinder with the possibility of installing brushes for wood scaling. The traditional layout with a cantilever arrangement of the working unit allows you to work with parts whose width is twice the length of the drum or brush. The height above the belt of the conveyor is regulated by the rotation of the handle, while it is possible to control both the absolute value on the millimeter scale on the housing and the relative movement along the limb on the handle. Adjustment of the parallelism of the shaft and the base is made without an auxiliary tool: two latches and a screw stop are equipped with barrel handles. The conveyor belt drive is equipped with a smooth speed control with the SandSmart electronic system, which adjusts the set value depending on the load on the motor. If it reaches a critical value (for example, the thickness of the workpiece is increased), the conveyor speed will automatically decrease, and later, as soon as the conditions permit, it will automatically return to the previous level. FEATURES: Ability to install a brush shaft (option) Console arrangement of the drum Stepless feedrate control SandSmart Feed Monitoring System Adjusting the height of the drum by rotating the handle Simple (without tools) adjustment of the parallelism of the conveyor Body made of cast iron Aluminum grinding drum Fast fixation and tension system for grinding belt Model JWDS-1632-M Article (230 V) 723520KM Consumed (output) power 2.0 (1.1) kW Drum rotation frequency 1400 rpm Grinding drum Ø127x406 mm Brush shaft (option) Ø130x410 mm Grinding belt width 75 mm Feed speed 0-3 m / min Width of grinding area (in two passes) 406 (812) mm Workpiece thickness 0.8-75 mm Minimum length of workpiece 60 mm Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 508x420x1007 mm The weight 71 kg
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