Manufacturer: RYDER
SKU: BHT50120
The Ryder No. 778 Duplex Rebate Plane is able to cut rebates up to 38 mm(1-1/2") wide. It features a quality cast iron body with an accurately ground base and a full width blade. An adjustable full-length fence, supported on two guide rods for greater accuracy, guides the plane and controls the rebate width. The rods can be pushed through which allows use of the fence on either side of the plane. A spur for cross grain cutting and a depth stop complete the plane. A twin position cutter enhances the versatility of this plane for standard and bull nose work. The blade is adjustable by means of a threaded knurled nut, giving precise control to the depth of cut. Ryder planes only require the bare minimum of initial preparation. The blade is oil quenched, high carbon spring steel, hardened and tempered to HRC 63, and only requires a little honing before use. We are confident that Ryder planes represent a good standard in traditional, quality plane manufacture and great value. Key Features Deigned to cut rebates up to 38mm wide Adjustable fence solidly supported on twin guide rods Spur for cross grain cutting and a depth stop Fence fits to either side of the plane Two positions for the blade enhances the versatility of this plane Fine blade adjustment for precise depth control of the cut
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  • Specification:
  • Nett Weight 1.88 kg (4lb 2oz)
  • Plane Blade Width 38 mm (1.1/2")
  • Plane Type Rebate Sole Length 255 mm
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