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JET Mortiser 719A Floor Standing

Jet 719A is an accurate and easy-to-use slotting machine for professional work with parts that fit at right angles. The model has a coordinate table with drives on the axes, adjustable with the help of rotating flywheels. This allows you to perform both longitudinal and transverse grooves, without removing the part and not loosening the clamp, which ensures ease of operation and high accuracy. The maximum height of the workpiece on the table is 195 mm - this is enough to work with parts of bindings and other elements of wooden structures. If you want to make a groove in the finished product (insert the lock in the door leaf, install a lock in the window frame, etc.), the column with the drilling part is reset, turning around the vertical axis by 180 °. In this position, they work "from the floor", using as an emphasis the linings of the desired thickness. The machine is equipped with a screw clamp for reliable fixation of parts on the desktop and an adjustable end stop for serial operation with the same parts. FEATURES: Rack feed mechanism with gas stop Adjustable depth stop Longitudinal workpiece stop Screw pressing of the workpiece to the longitudinal stop Adjustable end stop of workpiece Coordinate working table with flywheels for feeding axes Adjustable travel stops along the axes Working table made of cast iron with a wooden lining The ability to rotate the column by 180 ° to work with high workpieces over the floor
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JET Mortiser JBM-5 Bench Top

Jet JBM-5 is a desktop grooving and grooving machine for amateur woodwork, but for reliability and accuracy, it is suitable for professionals. Despite the narrow specialization, the machines of this type are in demand by masters, since the depth and straightness of the depressions that can be made on them are difficult to achieve when working with a hand mill or chisel. Being compact and mobile, the JBM-5 is equipped with all the mechanisms and systems that make the work easier. There is a gas stand to compensate for the weight of the drilling part, a rack feed mechanism with a long lever, a longitudinal stop and a vertical workpiece clamping. Simplicity and accuracy of drill bit installation is ensured by a set of adapter bushings - just select the required one and clamp the outer part with a screw, having previously oriented the plane to the stop of the workpiece. To fix the drill, a three-jaw chuck with an elongated key is provided. FEATURES: Rack feed mechanism with gas stop Adjustable depth stop Longitudinal workpiece stop Vertical workpiece clamping Working table made of cast iron with a wooden lining
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JET Spindle Shaper JWS-34KX

Jet JWS-34KX - professional milling machine with a powerful engine (especially in 3-phase version) and a massive cast-iron work table. The design with replaceable spindle allows to considerably expand a spectrum of solved problems. The 30 mm spindle included in the equipment corresponds to the standards of most modern manufacturers of cutting tools, and 32 mm (sold separately) - to the domestic one. Instead of a spindle, it is possible to install collet clamps for operation with end mills. A unique feature of JWS-34KX is the ability to perform some grinding operations: as an option, a spindle with a set of bushings for abrasive sleeves with a diameter of 25 to 100 mm is available, they are used mainly for finishing edges. The machine is equipped with an accurate milling stop. Its massive cast-iron body is combined with the fence of the cutter and a 100-mm branch pipe of the dust extractor. For adjustment, move it entirely, and after adjust the protrusion of the rear (receiving) lining using a precise screw mechanism with a millimeter scale. For milling at an angle, the stop is designed with a transport scale (included in the standard equipment) or a small movable cast-iron table (optional), equipped with a work clamp and a conveying stop. Both devices move along the T-slot in the working table. FEATURES: Replaceable milling spindle The possibility of installing a collet clamp Ability to install a grinding bushing Adjusting the spindle mounting height with a rotating flywheel Millimeter scale for spindle mounting height control 4-speed adjustment of the spindle speed by reinstalling the belt Fast belt tension / loosening lever Inspection window for monitoring the position of the belt Working table made of cast iron Adjustable milling stop with fine adjustment knob The movable corner stop with the guide along the T-shaped groove and with the angular marking
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A light to medium duty spindle with a 30 mm shaft.The precision ground cast iron table ensures a flat working surface. A sliding table with a hold down clamp is mounted on the front of the machine. This will be very handy when making a coping joint on end grain eg when making rails and stiles for panel doors. Fitted with 100mm dust extraction hood and solid fence. Easy to change speeds to any of the 4 speeds and the digital readout shows the running speed. Cutter height is adjusted by means of handwheel while the spindle lock keeps the cutter at the correct height. (NB) Machine is sold without any tooling.


The Toolmate 500F boasts an aluminium fence with 100mm dust outlet + cast iron sliding table + one-piece 30mm spindle + 4 speeds + two parts body. Tools sold separately.
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The Toolmate Pro bench morticer over 700mm high. This conveniently sized, but powerful machine can be used on a bench or an independent stand. It's heavy duty construction provide the durability, consistency.