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JET Lathe 1443 Woodworking Lathe

The JWL-1443 wood lathe features simple and convenient controls in combination with a large processing area and the possibility of turning the front headstock. Due to these qualities JWL-1443 is ideal for an amateur workshop, where you have to solve a variety of tasks. The design is more professional than an amateur class. The important part - the frame - is made of cast iron, its upper side is polished and is an ideally flat plane, which ensures the convenience and accuracy of work. Under the bed is a sturdy pallet made of 2 mm steel with six tool storage holes. Dimensions between the centers and above the bed are large enough to handle large billets. Such tasks correspond to a powerful asynchronous 750-watt motor, which has cooling ribs and is designed for continuous operation. To transfer the rotation, a V-belt is used, having 10 fixed speeds for easy switching. Change them without turning off the motor. A useful feature of the machine is the possibility of turning the front headstock around the vertical axis. Due to this, it is possible to fix on the faceplate (included in the kit) and grind the blanks with a diameter larger than the size above the bed. In this case, the key importance is the construction of the pod. It has three degrees of freedom and is assembled from massive cast parts; all this allows you to use the support when turning the side of the frame. In some cases, it is also useful to move the front headstock along the bed.
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JET Lathe JWL-1220 Midi Wood

Massive cast iron frame 6-speed belt drive Pulling and loosening the drive belt with a quick-release lever Dividing device Eccentric fixation of the headstock and tailstock Retractable handle for carrying the machine Jet JWL-1220 - a solid professional wood lathe, designed to grind small blanks. By the standards of a compact class, it is very massive: a frame, a pod, a front and a tailstock cast from cast iron. High weight and high rigidity ensure reliable absorption of vibrations, which makes the work accurate and comfortable. The standard equipment includes everything you need to work, in addition you can purchase the extension of the bed and the stand. There are six speeds of rotation of the spindle, they are changed by a permutation of the poly-V-belt - the operation is simple and does not require an auxiliary tool. It is also simple to install a faceplate or a chuck. To adjust the tailstock or shroud, loosen the eccentric locks. The machine is equipped with convenient pull-out handles.
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JET Lathe JWL-1221VS Wood

Massive cast iron frame with stand as an optional extra An electronic speed control system Digital speed display Reversing switch 3-speed belt drive Tensioning and loosening of the drive belt with a ratchet lever Dividing device Eccentric fixation of the headstock and tailstock JWL-1221VS is the representative of a new generation of professional Jet lathes, combining state-of-the-art control electronics and an improved mechanical part. In comparison with the previous model (JWL-1220), the rigidity was significantly increased: the frame with a similar length became wider, and the total weight increased by 10 kg; more powerful spindle bearings are used. For the machine bed and stand, you can buy extensions, in this case the maximum center-to-center distance will increase to 1080 mm. Transmission of rotation from the engine to the spindle is performed by a 6-riveted poly-V-belt, three pairs of pulleys are provided to select the power transmission range. The belt is rearranged without the use of an auxiliary tool: the tension is controlled by a ratchet-operated lever. Eccentric fastening systems for the pod and the tailstock make their settings as simple and fast. The machine is equipped with a dividing device with a spring-loaded spindle locking pin, which also simplifies installation / dismantling on the faceplate spindle (this requires only one key). The speed can be adjusted with the built-in electronics, with the selected value displayed on the digital display. On the control panel there is also a reverse switch, which is indispensable for some types of work, for example, when grinding.
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This lathe is ideal for anyone that is looking for an affordable, sturdy full length lathe.


On this mini sized Toolmate wood lathe you will be able to turn bowls of up to 10"(250mm) dia and table legs up to 18"(450mm) long. The five speeds range from 500 to 3150 RPM and is easily adjustable via belt changes.


This small benchtop lathe is ideal for pen making. It also has the capacity to turn bowls up to 8"(200mm) in diameter and the between centre distance is 12"(305mm) Spindle thread is the standard 1" x 8tpi so a small chuck can also be fitted to it. We recommend that you use the Jet chuck which is 65mm in diameter.Any chuck bigger than that may put unecessary strain on the headstock bearings.The headstock and tailstock both have a no 1 morse taper hole, so attachments like headstock and tailstock centers must all be no 1 MT. The electronically variable speed is adjusted by means of a pod on the front of the lathe so it will also be an ideal lathe for modelmakers and the like. It is supplied without a stand and can be mounted on any sturdy table. Accessories includes a tool rest, small faceplate as well as drive-and tailstock centres.