Laguna Tools Cast Iron Leg

Cast Iron Support Leg is supplied with foot-pads. Works in conjunction with Steel Bed

Laguna Tools Deluxe Wheel System

The Wheel System is designed for the REVO 12|16, 18|36 and 24|36, allowing maximum stability by letting the REVO to only sit on the four pads when in use. When moving the REVO, all four swiveling casters are engaged. Dual Gas Struts make raising & lowering ultra smooth.

Laguna Tools Halogen Double Arm 230V

A high-intensity halogen light for the BX bandsaw provides exceptional lighting for your work.

Laguna Tools Mini Guides

Laguna Mini Guides attach easily to accommodate smaller blades. Recommended for sizes 1/16”- 3/8”. 1 short phenolic rod is provided when tilting the table. Replacement rods sold separately.