King Arthur Tools 14mm Universal Nut Hex Head

Manufacturer: King Arthur Tools
Our Universal Nut has been re-engineered with a recessed back. Now you can securely tighten ALL King Arthur's Tools to your angle grinder with this truly "Universal Fit" nut. UNIVERSAL NUT recessed back allows disc to be tightened on different size angle grinders. Choose either a 5/8" or 14mm center Universal Nut. Holey Galahad® with 7/8 (22mm) centers fit both 4 1/2” (115mm) and 125mm center sizes AMERICAN & EUROPEAN Angle Grinders with the appropriate Universal Nut. NOTE: Only blades with 5/8" (16mm) and 14mm center hole sizes may be tandem mounted.
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King Arthur's Tools Universal Hex Nuts are specially made to secure tandem combinations and any style Galahad or Holey Galahad, especially the round profiles, to angle grinders. The new design includes a recess in the flat base which seats over any protruding arbor and securely tightens the accessory. It can be used to secure any other type of accessory and is much easier to tighten using a 13/16” or 21mm wrench, crescent or spanner. Design includes universal hexagonal heads with a flat base. A Universal Nut allows 2 blades to be tandem mounted on 4 1/2” (115 MM) or 5” (125 MM) angle grinders. 

  • Model #13750 FITS AMERICAN angle grinders with 5/8" shafts
  • Model #14000 FITS EUROPEAN grinders with 14mm shafts

Our unique Universal Hex Nut has now been retooled with a recessed back that also SECURELY tightens ALL Galahad and Holey Galahads to 4-1/2" Angle Grinders. 

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