JET Lathe 1443 Woodworking Lathe

Manufacturer: JET
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The JWL-1443 wood lathe features simple and convenient controls in combination with a large processing area and the possibility of turning the front headstock. Due to these qualities JWL-1443 is ideal for an amateur workshop, where you have to solve a variety of tasks. The design is more professional than an amateur class. The important part - the frame - is made of cast iron, its upper side is polished and is an ideally flat plane, which ensures the convenience and accuracy of work. Under the bed is a sturdy pallet made of 2 mm steel with six tool storage holes. Dimensions between the centers and above the bed are large enough to handle large billets. Such tasks correspond to a powerful asynchronous 750-watt motor, which has cooling ribs and is designed for continuous operation. To transfer the rotation, a V-belt is used, having 10 fixed speeds for easy switching. Change them without turning off the motor. A useful feature of the machine is the possibility of turning the front headstock around the vertical axis. Due to this, it is possible to fix on the faceplate (included in the kit) and grind the blanks with a diameter larger than the size above the bed. In this case, the key importance is the construction of the pod. It has three degrees of freedom and is assembled from massive cast parts; all this allows you to use the support when turning the side of the frame. In some cases, it is also useful to move the front headstock along the bed.
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Model JWL-1443
Article (230 V) 10000501M
Power Consumption 0.75 kW
Spindle speed at idle speed 500 - 2200 rpm
Diameter of rotation above the bed 370 mm
Diameter of rotation above the support 280 mm
Distance between centers 1100 mm
Head angle of front headstock 0 - 360 °
Cone of spindle MK-2
Spindle thread M33 x 3,5
Cone of tailstock MK-2
Backing of the rear tank 108 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1750 x 480 x 1165 mm
The weight 103 kg

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