JETWet Stone Sharpener Side Wheel Grinding Jig

Use together with support arm (708039) to grind on the side of the wheel.

JET Wet Stone Sharpener - Drawer Base

The optional wet sharpener base quickly attaches to the JET Slow Speed Sharpener and is equipped with cord wrap and two additional storage drawers.

JET Wet Stone Sharpener Angle Measure

Repeatable accuracy for grinding a specific angle Complete control for setting up Compensates for wheel wear over time Supplied as standard with new machine

JET Wet Stone Sharpener Grinding Wheel

Grinding wheel made from a composite material. The surface can be changed from fine to coarse with the stone grader.
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JET Wet Stone Sharpener Plane Camber Jig

Sharpening a plane blade with an exaggerated curved cutting edge is a sure way to ease up on the effort needed to push the plane forward. This jig allows you to produce an even curved cutting edge in a quick way.

JET Wet Stone Sharpener Pofiled Leather Honing Wheel

Ideal tool for putting a razor edge to woodcarving tools. Soak the leather with oil before applying polishing compound.
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JET Wet Stone Sharpener Stone Grade

A silicon-carbide type stone with a smooth and coarse side.
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JET Wet Stone Sharpener Straight Edge Jig

Place the planer blade or chisel firmly against the edge and clamp firmly. Then slide over support arm and start sharpening.

JET Wet Stone Sharpener Strop Wheel

Use this strop wheel to put a razor edge on any tool. Leather must be charged with oil before applying the polishing compound.
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JET Wet Stone Sharpener Toolrest

The toolrest must be attached to the support arm.
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JET Lathe Stand JWL-1220

Custom made square tubing stand for the JET 1220 lathe
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JET Lathe Stand JWL-1220 Extension

Square tubing extension for the basic machine stand

JET Air Filtration System Outer Charcoal Filter

Activated outer charcoal filter (For unpleasant smells)

JET Planer Blades For JWP160

Set of 3 x HSS blades for JET JPT160 planer.

JET Drill Press JDP17 17"

Introducing the new JET JDP-17, 17” Drill Press. From a full 5” of spindle travel to the sturdy cast iron head with a poly v-belt drive system, this drill press is designed to perform. This drill press also features a long-lasting, built-in LED work light to provide direct lighting while reducing shadows. A large 14" x 19" work table provides plenty of support with an edge designed for easy clamping. STYLE (TYPE) FLOOR SANDING BELT SIZE (L X W) (IN) 89 X 6 MAIN TABLE SIZE (LXW) (IN.) 29-3/4 X 9-7/8 MAIN TABLE TILT (DEG.) 90 DUST PORT OUTSIDE DIAMETER (IN.) 4 MOTOR POWER (HP) 1-1/2 MOTOR PHASE 1 MOTOR VOLTAGE (V) 115 PREWIRED VOLTAGE (V) 115
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JET Scroll Saw Stand JWSS-22S 22"

This rigid stand provides a stable base for the JET 22" Scroll Saw. This stand can be adjusted to 4 different heights to maximize user comfort.

JET Scroll Saw JWSS-22B

Combining best-in-class features with innovation and thoughtful design to create the machine you've been waiting for. The best part about this saw is the blade change process. this saw offers twenty-two inches of throat capacity and an arm that tilts forty degrees left and forty-five degrees right. Upper blade holder clamps and tensions blade in one step (Patent Pending) Removable lower blade holder snaps quickly and securely in to place Large 12-7/8” x 23” cast iron table provides a stable working surface while also limiting vibration Slotted table for easier and quicker blade changes 22” throat capacity Arm tilts 45° right and 40° left, keeping the work table flat for more accurate cutting Integrated blade storage features slots for pre-loaded blades and a built-in wrench for changing blades Blade storage can be positioned on the right or left of the machine Top lift, spring loaded arm raises 10” and stays up until pulled back down Removable dust port on underside of table to collect dust at the source Variable speed range of 400 – 1550 strokes per minute 2” maximum cutting depth Conveniently located speed and tension controls Included Equipment: Material hold down, Onboard Dust Blower.
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JET Drum Sander 16-32with Stand

JWDS-1632-M is a modern model of a drum grinder with the possibility of installing brushes for wood scaling. The traditional layout with a cantilever arrangement of the working unit allows you to work with parts whose width is twice the length of the drum or brush. The height above the belt of the conveyor is regulated by the rotation of the handle, while it is possible to control both the absolute value on the millimeter scale on the housing and the relative movement along the limb on the handle. Adjustment of the parallelism of the shaft and the base is made without an auxiliary tool: two latches and a screw stop are equipped with barrel handles. The conveyor belt drive is equipped with a smooth speed control with the SandSmart electronic system, which adjusts the set value depending on the load on the motor. If it reaches a critical value (for example, the thickness of the workpiece is increased), the conveyor speed will automatically decrease, and later, as soon as the conditions permit, it will automatically return to the previous level. FEATURES: Ability to install a brush shaft (option) Console arrangement of the drum Stepless feedrate control SandSmart Feed Monitoring System Adjusting the height of the drum by rotating the handle Simple (without tools) adjustment of the parallelism of the conveyor Body made of cast iron Aluminum grinding drum Fast fixation and tension system for grinding belt Model JWDS-1632-M Article (230 V) 723520KM Consumed (output) power 2.0 (1.1) kW Drum rotation frequency 1400 rpm Grinding drum Ø127x406 mm Brush shaft (option) Ø130x410 mm Grinding belt width 75 mm Feed speed 0-3 m / min Width of grinding area (in two passes) 406 (812) mm Workpiece thickness 0.8-75 mm Minimum length of workpiece 60 mm Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 508x420x1007 mm The weight 71 kg
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JET Bandsaw JWBS-14DXPRO Deluxe Pro

Jet JWBS-14DXPRO - a new saw for the domestic market, well-established and in great demand in the USA. Against the background of European counterparts, it looks unusual, both in terms of design and characteristics. The most important difference is a very large cutting height, which is more in line with machines with 18- and 20-inch pulleys. Atypical and very massive construction: the frame is made not of steel, but of cast iron elements, because of this, the desktop version of the 14DXPRO is much heavier than most outdoor analogues. On the other hand, high rigidity and strength of the base are very important for accurate and comfortable work. On the back of the machine there is a belt tension adjustment unit equipped with an indicator (its readings are compared with the width of the installed tape) and a lever for rapid tensioning / loosening. The height of the installation of the upper 3-point roller guides is changed by two handles: rotating one, making a fixation, the second - moving the knot. The belt transmission is two-speed, which allows you to confidently work with a wide range of materials. By designation, the JWBS-14DXPRO is ideal for the role of a universal saw, capable of performing both cuts of great height, and a variety of typical work in the carpenter's workshop. Thanks to the complete set, which includes only the most necessary, the price of the machine is very attractive (especially if we take into account the unique characteristics). In case of need, the cradle-stand, parallel and angular restraints can be bought separately. FEATURES: Two speeds of saw blade movement Roller guides of the saw blade The lever of rapid tension and weakening of the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Working table made of cast iron
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JET Mini Lathe Toolrest

Cast iron toolrest for Jet 1014 mini lathe-150 mm (6”)wide with 16mm (5/8”)stem.