JET Wet Stone Sharpener JSSG-10 R

Jet JSSG-10 is a grinding and polishing machine for sharpening, straightening and debugging of cutting tools (mainly manual) with high precision and without cutting edge release. The shaft with wheels (abrasive, grinding and leather polishing) rotates at a low speed, which can be adjusted with the handle on the front panel of the machine. A grinding stone is immersed in a bath for wetting with water. The machine is equipped with brackets-guides for work with the use of accessories, a large assortment of which is presented under the brand Jet and is supplied statically or at an additional cost. Due to the successful combination of characteristics and the possibility of adjusting the speed of rotation, the machine is popular with masters working with wood and demanding tools with high-grade sharpening. An additional advantage - compatibility with other machines for sharpening devices, which significantly expands the range of tasks to be solved. FEATURES: Dust- and moisture-insulated ball bearings for the motor shaft Stepless speed control A container with water for wetting an abrasive disc Adjustable guide rods for fixing accessories Carrying handle Drawer for accessories
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JET Cabinet Saw JTS-250CS

Jet JTS-250CSX - professional carpentry saw with good basic equipment and an expanded list of options, among which the carriage and the milling module. In addition, the design allows the installation of Dado slotters, which are also offered as additional equipment. The standard equipment includes two cast iron expanders and a parallel stop with fluoroplastic liners and eccentric fixation on 50-inch guides. All the responsible parts are made of massive cast-iron castings, the height and slope of the disk are adjusted by large flywheels, it is possible to accurately adjust its extreme positions. Such equipment, typical for more expensive models, in itself makes the JTS-250CSX an advantageous acquisition. But there are other advantages: for example, the design of the saw module allows the installation of a disk slot cutter Dado (available for a fee). To expand the possibilities when working with this kit, a tenoning device is available as an option. This is a clamp for workpieces with the possibility of moving along the T-shaped groove. The machine can be equipped with a milling module (option art. 10000820), which is a massive (more than 30 kg) cast iron table (510x685 mm) with T-grooves and an adjustable milling stop. This design allows using with precision and efficiency hand-held electric fusers in a stationary position. The saw can be used not only with a parallel or corner stop, but also equipped with a movable table - a carriage. It is made of aluminum profile and hung in place of the left extension of the desktop. FEATURES: *The possibility of installing the groove disc Dado *Shaft locking mechanism to facilitate the replacement of the saw blade *Saw cast iron module *Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade *Adjusting the depth of cut *Working table made of cast iron *Removable desktop extensor made of cast iron on the left *Removable desktop extensor made of cast iron on the right *Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp *A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove
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JET Construction Saw JTS-315SM

Jet JTS-315SP is a construction saw combining the simplicity of construction, very wide functionality, mobility, reliability, high power (especially in 3-phase design) and large (up to 90 mm) sawing depth. The work table made of galvanized sheet has a large surface, if necessary, it is extended (an additional section is included in the standard equipment). When working with sheet materials (OSB, plywood, etc.), an extension of the table is required - it is purchased separately. The parallel stop moves along the guide profile and has an eccentric clamp, which ensures fast and reliable fixation. The JTS-315SP also has a movable table moving on rollers-bearings along the main one. The surface of the carriage is not large, but this is partly compensated by the long workpiece focus, which allows to achieve accuracy. The stop can be rotated by navigating the transport scale; if you need a series of short products, adjust the end stop - it "walks" along the main one. Unlike most specialized construction saws, the JTS-315SP has adjustable slope and depth of cut. To facilitate transportation, the support legs are folded at about half the height, so that the machine can easily fit into the trunk of a car. Moving the instrument on the site is easy on its own: wheels, hinged handles and light weight allow it. When working in a workshop or indoors, you can use an aspiration system that collects sawdust from both the top and bottom of the saw blade, after which they are removed by the aspiration system through a single 100 mm pipe. FEATURES: Rapid braking system after shutdown Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the depth of cut Working table with a surface of galvanized steel sheet 2.0 mm thick Folding extension table made of sheet steel Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp Movable table with a surface of galvanized steel sheet Adjustable rotary table turntable Two wheels and handles for easy transport
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JET Table Saw JTS600XL

Saw cast iron module Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the depth of cut Working table made of cast iron Removable desktop extender made of steel sheet on the right Removable table-top extension from steel sheet Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp Movable table of aluminum profile Removable movable table expander with telescopic support Rotary stop of the movable table with angular marking Circular saw Jet JTS-600XL - unique on a combination of characteristics and cost the machine tool. Already in the basic set of delivery includes a movable table (carriage) and an extension to it. Expander is equipped with adjustable telescopic support and end stop of the workpiece. The end stop is made rotary, which makes it possible to cut at exactly the specified angle. To fix the workpiece, you can use an adjustable end stop; in case of uselessness, it reclines. The basis of the saw's design is a metal pedestal with an asynchronous three-phase motor inside it, adjustment mechanisms for the height and angle of the saw module (it is made of cast iron) and a dust cover with a 100 mm connection to the exhaust system. The working table is cast-iron, along it there is a rigid cylindrical guide, along which a parallel stop with eccentric fixation moves - these solutions fully comply with the professional standard. The working surface can be increased by installing an expander and extension made of sheet steel - they are supplied with the saw. Taking into account the limiting (1600 mm) sawing length on the moving table and the relatively small weight of the machine, it is possible to recommend it for amateur and professional work with medium-sized furniture panels made of particle board and laminated board, and work with heavy logs of solid wood to limit at the level of occasional use.
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JET Panel Saw JTSS 3200 Circular

Drive scoring disc from the main engine Rapid braking system after shutdown Saw cast iron module Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the depth of cut Working table made of cast iron Removable desktop extender made of steel sheet on the right Removable table-top extension from steel sheet Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp and with auxiliary fine adjustment handle Movable table of aluminum profile Removable movable table expander with telescopic support Eccentric clamping of the workpiece for fixation on a movable table Telescopic swivel stop of the movable table with angular marking The Jet JTSS-3200X is equipped with everything necessary to work with large laminated panels already in the basic configuration. The maximum cutting length on the movable table is 3200 mm, its stroke is 3350 mm. For working with wide billets the machine is equipped with a spreader of a mobile table with a telescopic support and a long end stop. On the stop there are two adjustable swing-out end stops. For making cuts at an angle, the stop is made rotary, for a fast installation in the position 90 ° a stopper is provided. The workpiece is fixed to the moving table by means of an adjustable clamp with an eccentric mechanism - the most convenient solution. A large cast iron table in combination with the elongation and expander on the right (supplied) form a surface sufficient for sawing large parts using a parallel stop. Accuracy and convenience when working with the stop are provided by its design. On the massive cast-iron base, there is a lever for the eccentric locking mechanism and a small flywheel for fine adjustment within a millimeter. An important difference Jet JTSS-3200X is the device of the scoring unit providing accuracy and reliability due to the simplicity of adjustment in two planes (vertical and horizontal) and the drive of the scoring disc from the main engine.
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JET Bandsaw JWBS-140S Cast Iron Frame

FEATURES: Sliding guide pin for the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Working table made of cast iron T-slot in the desktop Outdoor stand for floor installation Jet JWBS-14OS-M - band saw with 14-inch pulleys, massive cast iron table, tilting in both directions, with a favorable combination of price and performance. The model is delivered in a compact package, partially disassembled with a stand. Angle and parallel stops are purchased separately. In addition, the list of options includes several options for guiding the saw blade and a set of parts for increasing the height of the cut, this greatly increases the capabilities of the machine. The working table is cast-iron, its slope is possible in two directions. The frame and other critical elements of the construction are made of the same material, which ensures high rigidity and absence of vibrations. Guide rails with removable plastic pads (sliders) are the basic option. They are optimal from the point of view of the accuracy of cutting and reducing the wear of the blade. To work with increased loads, they can be replaced by three-roller guides, which are offered as additional equipment. An interesting option is a set of parts with an insert in the frame to increase the vertical clearance, its installation adds 150 mm to the height of the cut (increasing to 305 mm). After this upgrade, use a longer canvas (supplied). A good quality design and wide modernization possibilities make it possible to recommend this model to a wide variety of users who need a band saw for small amounts of work.
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JET Bandsaw JWBS-14Q Industrial

Jet JWBS-14Q - professional band saw, suitable for everyday work in a small private workshop. Rigid frame, massive construction (97 kg) and an expanded range of saw blade selection (3-25 mm) allow better adaptation of the sawing machine both radially and in a straight line. The maximum allowable height of the workpiece is 200 mm and makes it possible to perform most of the work. Particular attention is paid to ease of operation and adjustment: a separate lever is responsible for the tension / weakening process of the blade, the cutting height is set by a rack-and-pinion mechanism with a rotating "shear", the lock of the eccentric type parallel stop simultaneously ensures accuracy and speed of installation. The saw band on the top and bottom is supported by three-roller bearings on the bearings. This option provides a moderately rigid fixation and is reliable and easy to adjust. FEATURES: Roller guides of the saw blade Lever of rapid tension and weakening of the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Adjusting the cutting height by turning the handle Working table made of cast iron Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove
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JET Bandsaw JWBS-9X Benchtop

Sliding guide pin for the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Aluminum casting table Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove Work area illumination lamp Jet JWBS-9X is a compact desktop band saw, ideal for individual applications. In comparison with the analogues of its price and size classes Jet JWBS-9X has a number of important advantages. The main one is the drive of the drive pulley with a toothed belt. This design, although it looks more complicated than the one where the pulley is mounted directly on the motor shaft, but is more reliable and durable: wear in it does not lead to a sharp increase in the beats. The presence of a quality fine linen for curvilinear cuts and work area illumination lamps is additional arguments in favor of Jet JWBS-9X. Like all models of this size class, this machine is designed mainly for work with thin bars (about 20 mm), but if necessary, it also manages brusks up to 80 mm thick. For rectilinear sawing, an adjustable parallel stop and a movable corner are provided. The first is convenient when working with long, straight workpieces, the latter, on the contrary, allows you to perform an end-cutting.
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JET Lathe JWL-1220 Midi Wood

Massive cast iron frame 6-speed belt drive Pulling and loosening the drive belt with a quick-release lever Dividing device Eccentric fixation of the headstock and tailstock Retractable handle for carrying the machine Jet JWL-1220 - a solid professional wood lathe, designed to grind small blanks. By the standards of a compact class, it is very massive: a frame, a pod, a front and a tailstock cast from cast iron. High weight and high rigidity ensure reliable absorption of vibrations, which makes the work accurate and comfortable. The standard equipment includes everything you need to work, in addition you can purchase the extension of the bed and the stand. There are six speeds of rotation of the spindle, they are changed by a permutation of the poly-V-belt - the operation is simple and does not require an auxiliary tool. It is also simple to install a faceplate or a chuck. To adjust the tailstock or shroud, loosen the eccentric locks. The machine is equipped with convenient pull-out handles.
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JET Lathe JWL-1221VS Wood

Massive cast iron frame with stand as an optional extra An electronic speed control system Digital speed display Reversing switch 3-speed belt drive Tensioning and loosening of the drive belt with a ratchet lever Dividing device Eccentric fixation of the headstock and tailstock JWL-1221VS is the representative of a new generation of professional Jet lathes, combining state-of-the-art control electronics and an improved mechanical part. In comparison with the previous model (JWL-1220), the rigidity was significantly increased: the frame with a similar length became wider, and the total weight increased by 10 kg; more powerful spindle bearings are used. For the machine bed and stand, you can buy extensions, in this case the maximum center-to-center distance will increase to 1080 mm. Transmission of rotation from the engine to the spindle is performed by a 6-riveted poly-V-belt, three pairs of pulleys are provided to select the power transmission range. The belt is rearranged without the use of an auxiliary tool: the tension is controlled by a ratchet-operated lever. Eccentric fastening systems for the pod and the tailstock make their settings as simple and fast. The machine is equipped with a dividing device with a spring-loaded spindle locking pin, which also simplifies installation / dismantling on the faceplate spindle (this requires only one key). The speed can be adjusted with the built-in electronics, with the selected value displayed on the digital display. On the control panel there is also a reverse switch, which is indispensable for some types of work, for example, when grinding.
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JET Lathe JWL-1440VS Benchtop

Jet JWL-1440VS- A massive and stable lathe with a large machining zone, variator drive spindle and a powerful asynchronous motor, designed for continuous operation without interruptions to cooling. The model is the development of a well-proven machine JWL-1442, popular both with professionals and with fans of woodworking. The novelty feature is smooth, infinitely variable speed, spindle with M33x3.5 thread and desktop version (massive cast-iron feet for floor installation are offered for a fee). As an option, an extension of the frame is also supplied, and it can be mounted on two levels, which makes it possible to work with workpieces of increased diameter (it is implied that they are secured without the use of a tailstock). The construction of the pod is also adapted for such work. The front headstock can be moved along the bed and rotated by an angle of a multiple of 30 °. For fixing the pod and the positions of the front and rear headstock, convenient eccentric clamps meet. The machine is equipped with a dividing device for marking the workpiece and blocking the spindle when replacing the cartridge / faceplate. The spindle drive is carried out via a V-belt variator with a smooth (stepless) speed change. It is extremely important that the speed of rotation is changed right during operation, without turning off the machine. FEATURES: Massive cast iron frame and supporting legs (option) Swivel and movable headstock Hard fixation of the angles of rotation of the headstock through 30º V-belt drive variator Dividing device Eccentric fixation of the pod, front and tailstock
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JET Thicknesser JWP-12 Portable

Overload trip system Adjusting the planing height of the rotating handle Folding roller feeding and unloading tables The light and compact Jet- Jet Jet Jet JWP-12 is designed for individual use in carpentry workshops and "on the road" in construction conditions. Thanks to the collector motor, it weighs only 30 kg, while having a power of 1.8 kW. Motors of this type are temperature-sensitive, so the JWP-12 is equipped with an overheating sensor that turns off the power when a cooling break is needed. On the quality of planing, the machine is not inferior to stationary models of entry level, on the contrary, high speed of rotation of the knife shaft makes it in some cases more preferable. There are all standard systems, typical for stationary analogs: the mechanism of automatic feeding, feeding and unloading tables with rollers (for convenience of transportation and storage they are made folding), rollers on top of the case for back feed of the workpiece. Adjustment of the height of the knife shaft, depending on the size of the part, is produced by a single rotating handle. The accumulated experience of JWP-12 operation showed that if only a few simple rules are observed, the machine is very durable and reliable. It is only necessary to avoid work without connection to the vacuum pump and in time to clean all the mechanisms from the chips. An important advantage of Jet planing machines against the background of analogues of other brands is the reliable supply of consumables, in particular replaceable knives, and the JWP-12 model is initially supplied with a spare set of high-quality blades from high-speed steel.
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JET Heavy Duty Thicknesser JWP-160S

The Jetmus Jet JWP-16 OS has a classic, year-proven design and is in demand by both professionals and amateurs of carpentry. The working table and the body of the planer unit are made of cast iron, the height adjustment mechanism with four steel columns - all this provides excellent rigidity and no vibrations during operation and, as a consequence, compliance with the geometry of parts and high quality planing. Practice shows that when planing to a width close to the maximum, the machine reliably removes up to 2 mm even over hard rocks. The mechanism of auto-feeding used on the thicknesser has several features. Firstly, these are two speeds, which allows you to choose the planing mode. Secondly, the table has two rollers to facilitate slipping. Both feed rolls are not rubberized, but metal ones. This solution ensures the best uniform motion of the workpiece. FEATURES: 2-stage feed rate adjustment Metal feed rollers Thicknessing table with rollers Adjusting the planing height of the rotating flywheel Removable roller feeding and unloading tables Body made of cast iron Model JWP-16 OS Article (230 V) 708531M Consumed (output) power 2.8 (2.2) kW Rotational speed of the planer shaft 4500 rpm Diameter of planer shaft 73 mm The size of knives (LxWxT) 410 x 25 x 3 mm Number of knives 3 Feed speed 5 and 6 m / min Maximum workpiece width 405 mm Maximum workpiece height 150 mm Maximum depth of planing in one pass 5,0 mm Maximum permissible depth of planing in one pass over the whole width 2.0 mm Minimum length of workpiece 200 mm Length of the thicknessing table (with extensions) 515 (1220) mm Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1220 x 813 x 1295 mm The weight 215 kg
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JET Spindle Shaper JWS-34KX

Jet JWS-34KX - professional milling machine with a powerful engine (especially in 3-phase version) and a massive cast-iron work table. The design with replaceable spindle allows to considerably expand a spectrum of solved problems. The 30 mm spindle included in the equipment corresponds to the standards of most modern manufacturers of cutting tools, and 32 mm (sold separately) - to the domestic one. Instead of a spindle, it is possible to install collet clamps for operation with end mills. A unique feature of JWS-34KX is the ability to perform some grinding operations: as an option, a spindle with a set of bushings for abrasive sleeves with a diameter of 25 to 100 mm is available, they are used mainly for finishing edges. The machine is equipped with an accurate milling stop. Its massive cast-iron body is combined with the fence of the cutter and a 100-mm branch pipe of the dust extractor. For adjustment, move it entirely, and after adjust the protrusion of the rear (receiving) lining using a precise screw mechanism with a millimeter scale. For milling at an angle, the stop is designed with a transport scale (included in the standard equipment) or a small movable cast-iron table (optional), equipped with a work clamp and a conveying stop. Both devices move along the T-slot in the working table. FEATURES: Replaceable milling spindle The possibility of installing a collet clamp Ability to install a grinding bushing Adjusting the spindle mounting height with a rotating flywheel Millimeter scale for spindle mounting height control 4-speed adjustment of the spindle speed by reinstalling the belt Fast belt tension / loosening lever Inspection window for monitoring the position of the belt Working table made of cast iron Adjustable milling stop with fine adjustment knob The movable corner stop with the guide along the T-shaped groove and with the angular marking
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JET Knife Set For JPM 13 CSX

Set of 3 x HSS blades for JET JPM13 planer.
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JET Lathe Copy Attachment

Compatible Jet Machines JWL-1442 JWL-1443 JWL-1642

JET MT2 Drive Centre 4 Toothed for Mini Lathe

Fits into the hollow spindle on the headstock of any lathe .

JET MT2 Mini Lathe Live Centre

Metal revolving live centre that fits in the tailstock of any lathe.

JET Mini Lathe Stand Extension

Square tubing extension for the JET 1014 stand. Used when the lathe bed is extended.

JET Mitre Gauge JWBS-120S

Use it to guide wood through the blade at the correct angle.
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