JET Thicknesser JWP-12 Portable

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Overload trip system Adjusting the planing height of the rotating handle Folding roller feeding and unloading tables The light and compact Jet- Jet Jet Jet JWP-12 is designed for individual use in carpentry workshops and "on the road" in construction conditions. Thanks to the collector motor, it weighs only 30 kg, while having a power of 1.8 kW. Motors of this type are temperature-sensitive, so the JWP-12 is equipped with an overheating sensor that turns off the power when a cooling break is needed. On the quality of planing, the machine is not inferior to stationary models of entry level, on the contrary, high speed of rotation of the knife shaft makes it in some cases more preferable. There are all standard systems, typical for stationary analogs: the mechanism of automatic feeding, feeding and unloading tables with rollers (for convenience of transportation and storage they are made folding), rollers on top of the case for back feed of the workpiece. Adjustment of the height of the knife shaft, depending on the size of the part, is produced by a single rotating handle. The accumulated experience of JWP-12 operation showed that if only a few simple rules are observed, the machine is very durable and reliable. It is only necessary to avoid work without connection to the vacuum pump and in time to clean all the mechanisms from the chips. An important advantage of Jet planing machines against the background of analogues of other brands is the reliable supply of consumables, in particular replaceable knives, and the JWP-12 model is initially supplied with a spare set of high-quality blades from high-speed steel.
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Model JWP-12
Article (230 V) 10000840M
Power Consumption 1.8 kW
engine's type Collector
Operating mode Repeated short-term
Rotational speed of the planer shaft 9000 rpm
Diameter of planer shaft 48 mm
The size of knives (LxWxT) 319 x 18 x 3 mm
Number of knives 2
Feed rate of the workpiece 7 m / min
Maximum workpiece width 318 mm
Maximum workpiece height 153 mm
Maximum depth of planing in one pass 2.5 mm
Maximum permissible depth of planing in one pass over the whole width 1.0 mm
Minimum length of workpiece 130 mm
Length of the thicknessing table
(with extensions) 295 (690) mm
Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 580 x 560 x 465 mm
The weight 27 kg