JET Table Saw JTS600XL

Manufacturer: JET
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Saw cast iron module Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the depth of cut Working table made of cast iron Removable desktop extender made of steel sheet on the right Removable table-top extension from steel sheet Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp Movable table of aluminum profile Removable movable table expander with telescopic support Rotary stop of the movable table with angular marking Circular saw Jet JTS-600XL - unique on a combination of characteristics and cost the machine tool. Already in the basic set of delivery includes a movable table (carriage) and an extension to it. Expander is equipped with adjustable telescopic support and end stop of the workpiece. The end stop is made rotary, which makes it possible to cut at exactly the specified angle. To fix the workpiece, you can use an adjustable end stop; in case of uselessness, it reclines. The basis of the saw's design is a metal pedestal with an asynchronous three-phase motor inside it, adjustment mechanisms for the height and angle of the saw module (it is made of cast iron) and a dust cover with a 100 mm connection to the exhaust system. The working table is cast-iron, along it there is a rigid cylindrical guide, along which a parallel stop with eccentric fixation moves - these solutions fully comply with the professional standard. The working surface can be increased by installing an expander and extension made of sheet steel - they are supplied with the saw. Taking into account the limiting (1600 mm) sawing length on the moving table and the relatively small weight of the machine, it is possible to recommend it for amateur and professional work with medium-sized furniture panels made of particle board and laminated board, and work with heavy logs of solid wood to limit at the level of occasional use.
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Consumed (output) power 2.5 (1.5) kW
4000 rpm Blade speed
The diameter of the saw blade 250 (30) mm
Saw blade angle 0-45 °
The maximum depth of cut at an angle of 0 ° and 45 ° 80 and 54 mm
Dimensions of the working table (LxW) 800 x 350 mm
Table extension (LxW) 400 x 350 mm
Extending the desktop to the right (LxW) 800 x 270 mm

Max ripping width = 610mm
Dimensions of the sliding table (LxW) 1600 x 240 mm
max cutting width on the sliding table -2600mm
sliding table stroke 1700
The maximum length of sawing on a movable table 1600 mm
The diameter of extraction hose 100 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1600 x 2000 x 1115 mm
Weight 170 kg