JET Sander JSG-96 Belt & Disc

Manufacturer: JET
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Jet JSG-96 - a compact and powerful professional machine that allows you to perform a wide range of grinding tasks in production workshops and carpentry. The plate-grinding unit consists of an aluminum disk with fastening of abrasive sheets on "Velcro" and a cast-iron working table. In its surface there are two perpendicular T-shaped grooves for working with a corner stop or a device for grinding in a circle. The table has a mechanism for fine-tuning the angle of inclination with the transport scale. The belt-grinding unit provides a fast material removal and is convenient when working with long workpieces. For easy slip of the tape and minimization of heating from friction, a replaceable graphite substrate is used. The entire assembly can be positioned vertically, horizontally or at any intermediate angle. Synchronously with the knot, the table-stop is also tilted; To install it at an angle to the plane of the belt, use a separate tilt adjustment mechanism. Both grinding units are connected to a 100 mm exhaust nozzle, which provides an effective dust separator. FEATURES: The case of a grinding part from aluminum molding A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove Belleville grinding unit Device for grinding in a circle Fastening of abrasive wheels on Velcro Working table made of cast iron Adjusting the angle of the table Two perpendicular T-shaped grooves for fitting the stop Belt-grinding unit Working table made of cast iron Adjusting the angle of installation of the belt-grinding unit Adjusting the angle of the table T-slot for mounting the stop Lever of rapid tension and loosening of the grinding belt Graphite backing of grinding belt
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Model JSG-96
Article (230 V) 708595M
Consumed (output) power 1.0 (0.6) kW
Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 390 x 760 x 700 mm
The weight 45 kg
Belleville grinding unit
Rotation speed of grinding wheel 1400 rpm
Diameter of grinding wheel 230 mm
Dimensions of the working table (LxW) 300 x 250 mm
Working Table Angle 0-45 °
Belt-grinding unit
Speed of grinding belt movement 10 m / s
The sizes of a grinding tape (ШхД) 150 x 1220 mm
Angle of inclination of the grinding unit 0-90 °
Dimensions of the working table (LxW) 328 x 140 mm
Working Table Angle 0-45 °