JET Planer Thicknesser JPT-410HH

Manufacturer: JET
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The JPT-410HH Jet is a helical combing machine for whizzing and thicknessing with a 407 mm working width. This value is quite large by the standards of professional reysmusovyh machines, and by the standards of jointing - and is entirely characteristic of equipment of a higher industrial class. This combination of characteristics makes the model attractive not only in terms of saving working space, but also expanding the scope. The machine design is one of the most successful on the market: the extensive use of massive cast-iron parts ensures accurate work without vibrations; when reysmusovaniya, the upper module rises completely and does not interfere with work or stripping, a powerful three-phase motor ensures high performance and reliability. Special attention is given to a convenient eccentric mechanism for adjusting the position of the tables, both the feed and the receiver, which is necessary when installing the helical shaft (optional). The helical shaft included in the basic equipment is equipped with carbide cutting inserts. It is safer and easier to operate (no adjustments are needed), and due to the sequential entry of knives into the workpiece, it works quieter and with less vibrations.
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Model JPT-410 HH
Article (400 V) 10000296T
Consumed (output) power 4.5 (3.0) kW
Frequency of rotation of a planing shaft 5500 rpm
Diameter of the planer shaft 70 mm
Knife size (LxWHT) 15 x 15 x 2.5 mm
Number of knives 72
Maximum workpiece width 407 mm
The diameter of the exhaust fitting 100 or 127 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1660 x 920 x 1000 mm
Weight 330 kg
Planing depth in one pass 0-3.0 mm
The dimensions of the joining table (LxW) 1660 x 413 mm
Dimensions of a focusing stop (DKHV) 1100 x 150mm
Tilt angle of a parallel emphasis 0–45 °
Feed rate 7 m / min
Maximum workpiece height 225 mm
Maximum planing depth in one pass 3.5 mm
Maximum allowable planing depth in one pass over the entire width 1.5 mm
The minimum length of the workpiece 150 mm
Length of table 600 mm