JET Panel Saw JTSS 3200 Circular

Manufacturer: JET
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Drive scoring disc from the main engine Rapid braking system after shutdown Saw cast iron module Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the depth of cut Working table made of cast iron Removable desktop extender made of steel sheet on the right Removable table-top extension from steel sheet Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp and with auxiliary fine adjustment handle Movable table of aluminum profile Removable movable table expander with telescopic support Eccentric clamping of the workpiece for fixation on a movable table Telescopic swivel stop of the movable table with angular marking The Jet JTSS-3200X is equipped with everything necessary to work with large laminated panels already in the basic configuration. The maximum cutting length on the movable table is 3200 mm, its stroke is 3350 mm. For working with wide billets the machine is equipped with a spreader of a mobile table with a telescopic support and a long end stop. On the stop there are two adjustable swing-out end stops. For making cuts at an angle, the stop is made rotary, for a fast installation in the position 90 ° a stopper is provided. The workpiece is fixed to the moving table by means of an adjustable clamp with an eccentric mechanism - the most convenient solution. A large cast iron table in combination with the elongation and expander on the right (supplied) form a surface sufficient for sawing large parts using a parallel stop. Accuracy and convenience when working with the stop are provided by its design. On the massive cast-iron base, there is a lever for the eccentric locking mechanism and a small flywheel for fine adjustment within a millimeter. An important difference Jet JTSS-3200X is the device of the scoring unit providing accuracy and reliability due to the simplicity of adjustment in two planes (vertical and horizontal) and the drive of the scoring disc from the main engine.
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Model JTSS-3200X
vendor code 10000047XT
Consumed (output) power 5.4 (4.2) kW
Idling speed of saw blade at idling speed 4000 rpm
The frequency of rotation of the scoring disk at idle speed 8000 rpm
External (landing) diameter of the saw blade 315 (30) mm
External (landing) diameter of the scoring disc 80 (20) mm
Saw blade angle 0-45º
Maximum depth of cut at an angle of 0º and 45º 102 and 81 mm
Dimensions of the working table (LxW) 840 x 550 mm
Lengthening the desktop (LxW) 800 x 550 mm
Extending the desktop to the right (LxW) 830 x 950 mm
Maximum workpiece width at sawing with parallel stop on the right 1270 mm
Dimensions of the movable table (LxW) 3000 x 360mm
Extension of the movable table (LxW) 300 x 350 mm
Expansion of the movable table (LxW) 730 x 1150 mm
Maximum width to the stop of the end stop of the movable table 1900 mm
Moving table (carriage) stroke 3250 mm
The maximum length of sawing on a movable table 3150 mm
Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 3300 x 3400 x 1200 mm
Weight 570 kg