JET Mitre Saw JSMS10L Compound Slide

Manufacturer: JET
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FEATURES: Guides for longitudinal feed Aluminum casting table Rapid braking system after shutdown Laser pointer of the cutting line Shaft locking mechanism to facilitate the replacement of the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the rotation of the saw blade Adjustable depth cutter Removable and expandable desktop expanders Adjustable end stop of workpiece Workpiece clamping The JSMS-10L miter saw has all the necessary sawing / tilting functions and in addition is equipped with a pulling mechanism. It ensures the longitudinal movement of the saw section, due to which the length of the cut is greater and, correspondingly, the width of the parts cut in one pass (it reaches 305 mm). In addition, the ability to stretch the saw can be used to cut the spikes from the edge of the workpiece (shoe) and to perform blind grooves (depth is limited by the adjustable stop). Precision in operation and ease of adjustment are provided by the high rigidity of the structure, all the main parts of which (the working table, pendulum arm, hinge unit) are cast from an aluminum alloy. The model is equipped with built-in sliding extensions of the desktop, one of which can be equipped with an adjustable end stop, which facilitates working with a series of identical parts. The saw is equipped with dust extraction system, folding disc protective cover, fixation of the main turning angles, stop of the folded position for carrying and storage, screw pressing of the workpiece and other necessary elements. Additions to the standard set are: electronic system of rapid braking of the motor shaft to shorten the run-out time and laser pointer of the cutting line.
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Model JSMS-10L
Article (230 V) 10000826M
Power Consumption 1.5 kW
Idling speed of saw blade at idling speed 4500 rpm
External (landing) diameter of the saw blade 254 (30) mm
Saw blade angle 0-45 °
Angle of saw blade rotation -45 ° -0-45 °
The maximum depth of cut at an angle of 0 ° and 45 ° 90 and 42 mm
Maximum cutting width with 0 ° and 45 ° rotation 305 and 215 mm
Working table width (with expanders) 500 (1100) mm
Diameter of extraction hose 40 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 500 x 1090 x 680 mm
The weight 18 kg