JET Disc Sander JDS-12

Manufacturer: JET
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Brake handle for quick stop after engine off The case of a grinding part from cast-iron molding A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove Working table made of cast iron Adjusting the angle of the table Fasteners for quick setting of frequently used corners T-slot for mounting the stop JDS-12X-M is a desktop disk grinding machine designed for "hobby" use and small workshops. The advantage of this model is a combination of high power and massive stable design: the base body, the working table and the disk itself are made of heavy cast iron. This provides rigidity and absence of vibrations, which has a positive effect on grinding quality and ease of operation. The abrasive material is a paper-based circle with an adhesive coating. After purchasing the SK300 adapter with Velcro, you can use Velcro type wheels, which are more convenient to replace. To ensure safety and ease of use, the grinding wheel is equipped with a brake. The socket is located at the top of the protective cover and pressed manually through the fungus button. This mechanism at times reduces the time of free running-out, which for machines of this type is very large due to low internal friction (the disk is set directly on the motor shaft) and the large moment of inertia of the moving parts. The workpiece is placed on an adjustable support table. It is equipped with a screw clamp-clamp and a handle of the drive of the gear-sector mechanism, which is produced by the slope. To monitor the position, a transport scale is provided with a clear, qualitatively made marking through one degree and spring-loaded fasteners of several common corners. In the surface of the table is made a T-shaped groove for a sliding corner stop or for fixing auxiliary devices. On the front side of the side, a 57 mm spout for connecting to the aspiration system, use the JW-1000 adapter (optional) to go to the 100 mm hose. The dust is collected through a plastic cover completely covering the lower part of the disc.
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Model JDS-12X-M
Article (230 V) 10000490M
Consumed (output) power 1.0 (0.75) kW
Rotation speed of grinding wheel 1430 rpm
Diameter of grinding wheel 300 mm
Dimensions of the working table (LxW) 435x215 mm
Working Table Angle 0-45º
Diameter of extraction hose 57 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 450х510х400 mm
The weight 34 kg