JET Construction Saw JTS-315SM

Manufacturer: JET
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Jet JTS-315SP is a construction saw combining the simplicity of construction, very wide functionality, mobility, reliability, high power (especially in 3-phase design) and large (up to 90 mm) sawing depth. The work table made of galvanized sheet has a large surface, if necessary, it is extended (an additional section is included in the standard equipment). When working with sheet materials (OSB, plywood, etc.), an extension of the table is required - it is purchased separately. The parallel stop moves along the guide profile and has an eccentric clamp, which ensures fast and reliable fixation. The JTS-315SP also has a movable table moving on rollers-bearings along the main one. The surface of the carriage is not large, but this is partly compensated by the long workpiece focus, which allows to achieve accuracy. The stop can be rotated by navigating the transport scale; if you need a series of short products, adjust the end stop - it "walks" along the main one. Unlike most specialized construction saws, the JTS-315SP has adjustable slope and depth of cut. To facilitate transportation, the support legs are folded at about half the height, so that the machine can easily fit into the trunk of a car. Moving the instrument on the site is easy on its own: wheels, hinged handles and light weight allow it. When working in a workshop or indoors, you can use an aspiration system that collects sawdust from both the top and bottom of the saw blade, after which they are removed by the aspiration system through a single 100 mm pipe. FEATURES: Rapid braking system after shutdown Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the depth of cut Working table with a surface of galvanized steel sheet 2.0 mm thick Folding extension table made of sheet steel Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp Movable table with a surface of galvanized steel sheet Adjustable rotary table turntable Two wheels and handles for easy transport
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Model JTS-315SP
Consumed (output) power 2.2 (1.6) kW
Idling speed of saw blade at idling speed 2800 rpm
External (landing) diameter of the saw blade 315 (30) mm
Saw blade angle 0-47 °
The maximum depth of cut at an angle of 0 ° and 45 ° 90 and 60 mm
Dimensions of the working table (LxW) 800 x 550 mm
Lengthening the desktop (LxW) 800 x 550 mm (standard)
Expansion of the desktop (LxW) 800 x 550 mm (option)
Maximum workpiece width at sawing with parallel stop on the right 310 mm (standard)
860 mm (option)
Dimensions of the movable table (LxW) 250 x 230 mm
Moving table (carriage) stroke 650 mm
The maximum length of sawing on a movable table 600 mm
Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1310 x 970 x 1000 mm
Weight 50 kg