JET Cabinet Saw JTS-250CS

Manufacturer: JET
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Jet JTS-250CSX - professional carpentry saw with good basic equipment and an expanded list of options, among which the carriage and the milling module. In addition, the design allows the installation of Dado slotters, which are also offered as additional equipment. The standard equipment includes two cast iron expanders and a parallel stop with fluoroplastic liners and eccentric fixation on 50-inch guides. All the responsible parts are made of massive cast-iron castings, the height and slope of the disk are adjusted by large flywheels, it is possible to accurately adjust its extreme positions. Such equipment, typical for more expensive models, in itself makes the JTS-250CSX an advantageous acquisition. But there are other advantages: for example, the design of the saw module allows the installation of a disk slot cutter Dado (available for a fee). To expand the possibilities when working with this kit, a tenoning device is available as an option. This is a clamp for workpieces with the possibility of moving along the T-shaped groove. The machine can be equipped with a milling module (option art. 10000820), which is a massive (more than 30 kg) cast iron table (510x685 mm) with T-grooves and an adjustable milling stop. This design allows using with precision and efficiency hand-held electric fusers in a stationary position. The saw can be used not only with a parallel or corner stop, but also equipped with a movable table - a carriage. It is made of aluminum profile and hung in place of the left extension of the desktop. FEATURES: *The possibility of installing the groove disc Dado *Shaft locking mechanism to facilitate the replacement of the saw blade *Saw cast iron module *Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade *Adjusting the depth of cut *Working table made of cast iron *Removable desktop extensor made of cast iron on the left *Removable desktop extensor made of cast iron on the right *Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp *A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove
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Model   JTS-250CSX        

Marking (230)    10000900M        

Consumption (output) power    2.0 (1.5) kW       

Rotational speed of blade idling 3850 rev / min  

Exterior (boarding) diameter blade          254 (30) mm      

Exterior (boarding) diameter disk Dado 200 (15.88) mm

The angle of inclination of the saw blade               0-45º    

Maximum cutting depth at an angle of 0º and 45º             80 and 57 mm   

Size Desktop (Art School)             685h508 mm     

Expansion of the table to the left (Art School)    685h254 mm     

Expansion desktop right (Art School)      685h254 mm     

The maximum width of the workpiece when cutting with the rip fence on the left            305 mm               

The maximum width of the workpiece when cutting with the rip fence right        1250 mm             

The dimensions of the sliding table (Art School) 1220h230 mm (optional)              

Proceedings of the movable table (carriage)       1400 mm (optional)        

The diameter of the exhaust nozzle        100 mm               

Dimensions (LxWxH)      2083x983x1016 mm        

The weight         186 kg