JET Bandsaw JWBS-140S Cast Iron Frame

Manufacturer: JET
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FEATURES: Sliding guide pin for the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Working table made of cast iron T-slot in the desktop Outdoor stand for floor installation Jet JWBS-14OS-M - band saw with 14-inch pulleys, massive cast iron table, tilting in both directions, with a favorable combination of price and performance. The model is delivered in a compact package, partially disassembled with a stand. Angle and parallel stops are purchased separately. In addition, the list of options includes several options for guiding the saw blade and a set of parts for increasing the height of the cut, this greatly increases the capabilities of the machine. The working table is cast-iron, its slope is possible in two directions. The frame and other critical elements of the construction are made of the same material, which ensures high rigidity and absence of vibrations. Guide rails with removable plastic pads (sliders) are the basic option. They are optimal from the point of view of the accuracy of cutting and reducing the wear of the blade. To work with increased loads, they can be replaced by three-roller guides, which are offered as additional equipment. An interesting option is a set of parts with an insert in the frame to increase the vertical clearance, its installation adds 150 mm to the height of the cut (increasing to 305 mm). After this upgrade, use a longer canvas (supplied). A good quality design and wide modernization possibilities make it possible to recommend this model to a wide variety of users who need a band saw for small amounts of work.
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Model JWBS-14OS-M
Article (230 V) 708113A-EN
Consumed (output) power 1.2 (0.75) kW
Speed of saw blade 810 m / min
Length of saw blade 2375 mm (standard) and 2667 (optional)
Width of saw blade 3-20 mm
Diameter of pulleys 355 mm
Angle of the desktop (left and right) 0-10º and 0-45º
Maximum workpiece height 152 mm (standard) and 305 mm (optional)
Maximum workpiece width (clearance to frame) 343 mm
Dimensions of the working table (LxW) 356x356 mm
Diameter of extraction hose 100 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 673x610x1727 mm
The weight 80 kg