Chestnut woodturners stick wax

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Designed for Woodturners, this stick wax is specially shaped to allow it to be applied to pretty much any shape of item! A mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax it is slightly softer than the Carnauba Wax Stick and therefore slightly easier to apply and there are no concerns about it marking softer woods. Applied over a sanding sealer, simply hold the stick against the revolving work and allow the heat generated to melt the wax onto the wood. Buff up straight away using Safety Cloth, using the cloth to ensure an even coating.
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Typical uses

For a tough, high gloss finish usually used on small items.

Method of application

By using the heat generated by holding the stick against work revolving on the lathe to melt and transfer a small amount of wax from stick to wood.

Drying time

Virtually instant


Impossible to quantify – a little goes a long way!


Use over any of the Chestnut Products Sanding Sealers. Is also used over Friction Polish


Work quickly to avoid a build up of wax in one area. This is a blend of waxes making it easier to apply than pure stick waxes.



Safety Considerations

Care should always be taken when using moving machinery.

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