Chestnut wood wax 22 400ml

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WoodWax 22 contains beeswax (for shine) and carnauba wax (for hardness). Blended together in a solvent to produce a soft creamy paste. This makes it very easy to apply over any surface. WoodWax 22 is quick drying enough to be applied onto unsealed wood but works best on one of our sanding sealers. If working on the lathe the wax should be applied with the lathe stopped. Apply using a cloth (Safety Cloth or Stockinette works well with this); the wax spreads easily over the surface, after about 20 seconds it starts to drag slightly. This means it is ready to buff up; if you haven’t covered the whole piece by then don’t worry, just take a little more wax from the tin and carry on applying, the wax won’t mind waiting! It’s best to buff WoodWax 22 as soon as you can; that way any surplus wax that might have been applied will be removed, allowing the shine to really show through. If working on the lathe Safety Cloth should be used for the buffing process and let the lathe do the work for you. Off the lathe Safety Cloth or Stockinette can be used. A second or even third coat of wax can be applied if required, leaving about twenty minutes between coats. After three coats the finish can become softer and will mark very easily. WoodWax 22 is available in Clear, Golden Brown, Medium Brown and Mellow Brown.
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Typical uses

To finish bare, sealed or previously finished wood on or off the lathe.

Method of application

Cloth, Steel Wool or Brush

Drying time

Within five minutes


3-8 sq,m per litre


Can be used over any of the sealers or lacquers, Finishing Oil


Apply thin coats, buff as soon as possible Clear conforms to EN71 for use on toys


Not Applicable

Safety Considerations

Highly Flammable.

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