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JET Bandsaw JWBS-18-M

Designed to perform, the JET 18” bandsaw delivers more re-saw capacity, greater throat depth and the horsepower you need to tackle bigger boards, create smoother edges and master the intricate cuts. The heavy-duty cast-iron fence system is built to give you the sturdiness and support you need for every project and features a micro-adjust dial for exact placement. The table is slotted and the guide post has a stress-free magnetic door on the front for efficient blade changes. Large, independently adjustable guides are tool-less to save you time on set up. The JET 18” steel frame bandsaw is engineered to build great projects through superior performance.
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JET Mitre Saw JSMS10L Compound Slide

FEATURES: Guides for longitudinal feed Aluminum casting table Rapid braking system after shutdown Laser pointer of the cutting line Shaft locking mechanism to facilitate the replacement of the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw blade Adjusting the rotation of the saw blade Adjustable depth cutter Removable and expandable desktop expanders Adjustable end stop of workpiece Workpiece clamping The JSMS-10L miter saw has all the necessary sawing / tilting functions and in addition is equipped with a pulling mechanism. It ensures the longitudinal movement of the saw section, due to which the length of the cut is greater and, correspondingly, the width of the parts cut in one pass (it reaches 305 mm). In addition, the ability to stretch the saw can be used to cut the spikes from the edge of the workpiece (shoe) and to perform blind grooves (depth is limited by the adjustable stop). Precision in operation and ease of adjustment are provided by the high rigidity of the structure, all the main parts of which (the working table, pendulum arm, hinge unit) are cast from an aluminum alloy. The model is equipped with built-in sliding extensions of the desktop, one of which can be equipped with an adjustable end stop, which facilitates working with a series of identical parts. The saw is equipped with dust extraction system, folding disc protective cover, fixation of the main turning angles, stop of the folded position for carrying and storage, screw pressing of the workpiece and other necessary elements. Additions to the standard set are: electronic system of rapid braking of the motor shaft to shorten the run-out time and laser pointer of the cutting line.
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JET Scroll Saw JSS16

Smooth adjustment of the stroke frequency of the saw blade Top position of the quick-tension lever and the weakening of the saw blade Universal fastening of the saw blade Two options for setting the saw blade (along and across the machine's longitudinal axis) Adjustable nozzle for blowing sawdust Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Adjustable workpiece clamping Aluminum casting table Jet JSS-16A is an amateur machine for cutting complex radii in not too large pieces of wood, chipboard, fiberboard, plywood or plastic. The model is an improved modification of the well-known Jet JSS-16 jig saw and has a number of interesting design features that favorably distinguish it from analogues of other brands. First of all, it is versatility with respect to the used cloths: it is possible to install saw blades with or without a pin lock. It is important to note the convenient upper position of the leaf tension lever. A new improvement in design is the ability to change the orientation of the sawing plane: along or across the longitudinal axis of the machine, depending on how convenient or customary the operator is. There is an electronic system for smooth adjustment of the stroke frequency, which allows you to accurately select the speed. This is important both from the point of view of observing the thermal regime of cutting, and from the point of view of combating vibrations. For sawing at an angle to the surface there is a mechanism for tilting the working table, equipped with a transport scale and a stopper on the front side. To remove sawdust from the cutting line, there is an adjustable nozzle for blowing sawdust and a 35 mm connection for connecting to the system of a vacuum pump.
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JET Bandsaw JWBS-140S Cast Iron Frame

FEATURES: Sliding guide pin for the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Working table made of cast iron T-slot in the desktop Outdoor stand for floor installation Jet JWBS-14OS-M - band saw with 14-inch pulleys, massive cast iron table, tilting in both directions, with a favorable combination of price and performance. The model is delivered in a compact package, partially disassembled with a stand. Angle and parallel stops are purchased separately. In addition, the list of options includes several options for guiding the saw blade and a set of parts for increasing the height of the cut, this greatly increases the capabilities of the machine. The working table is cast-iron, its slope is possible in two directions. The frame and other critical elements of the construction are made of the same material, which ensures high rigidity and absence of vibrations. Guide rails with removable plastic pads (sliders) are the basic option. They are optimal from the point of view of the accuracy of cutting and reducing the wear of the blade. To work with increased loads, they can be replaced by three-roller guides, which are offered as additional equipment. An interesting option is a set of parts with an insert in the frame to increase the vertical clearance, its installation adds 150 mm to the height of the cut (increasing to 305 mm). After this upgrade, use a longer canvas (supplied). A good quality design and wide modernization possibilities make it possible to recommend this model to a wide variety of users who need a band saw for small amounts of work.
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JET Bandsaw JWBS-14Q Industrial

Jet JWBS-14Q - professional band saw, suitable for everyday work in a small private workshop. Rigid frame, massive construction (97 kg) and an expanded range of saw blade selection (3-25 mm) allow better adaptation of the sawing machine both radially and in a straight line. The maximum allowable height of the workpiece is 200 mm and makes it possible to perform most of the work. Particular attention is paid to ease of operation and adjustment: a separate lever is responsible for the tension / weakening process of the blade, the cutting height is set by a rack-and-pinion mechanism with a rotating "shear", the lock of the eccentric type parallel stop simultaneously ensures accuracy and speed of installation. The saw band on the top and bottom is supported by three-roller bearings on the bearings. This option provides a moderately rigid fixation and is reliable and easy to adjust. FEATURES: Roller guides of the saw blade Lever of rapid tension and weakening of the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Adjusting the cutting height by turning the handle Working table made of cast iron Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove
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JET Bandsaw JWBS-9X Benchtop

Sliding guide pin for the saw blade Adjusting the tilt of the saw table Aluminum casting table Adjustable parallel stop with eccentric clamp A movable corner stop with a guide along the T-groove Work area illumination lamp Jet JWBS-9X is a compact desktop band saw, ideal for individual applications. In comparison with the analogues of its price and size classes Jet JWBS-9X has a number of important advantages. The main one is the drive of the drive pulley with a toothed belt. This design, although it looks more complicated than the one where the pulley is mounted directly on the motor shaft, but is more reliable and durable: wear in it does not lead to a sharp increase in the beats. The presence of a quality fine linen for curvilinear cuts and work area illumination lamps is additional arguments in favor of Jet JWBS-9X. Like all models of this size class, this machine is designed mainly for work with thin bars (about 20 mm), but if necessary, it also manages brusks up to 80 mm thick. For rectilinear sawing, an adjustable parallel stop and a movable corner are provided. The first is convenient when working with long, straight workpieces, the latter, on the contrary, allows you to perform an end-cutting.
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